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The MGT Group established since 1978, with more than 400 employees. Over the past 30 plus years, the MGT Group expanded in the different locations around the globe, catering excellent services and dedication to all key clients; America, United Kingdom, India, Oman, Dubai, Africa, Djibouti, China, Pakistan



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The MGT Group was established in 1979 in Dubai, U.A.E. with a mission to become the region’s leading supply house for seamless procurement services.

MGT has established a number of target industries for its services including the global oil/gas industry, NGO’s world militaries and international institutions such as the U.N. Red Crescent, etc. MGT from its conception was a global player and today maintains offices on five continents.
Over the last 30 plus years MGT has secured a significant reputation in the region by developing its business along diverse lines such as camp supply/operation, humanitarian aid, national reconstruction, industrial and infrastructure development. MGT views its ISO 9000 certification as a means of furthering its global competitive status and by providing its’ loyal and longstanding customers a means of assessing our level of quality and our commitment to improvement.
MGT professionalism is reflected by the company we keep around the globe. Key clients include: the U.S. Military, British Forces, NATO, U.N. agencies, global oil/gas corporations, NGO’s, The world Banks and private humanitarian foundation such as the Zayed and Kuwait fund for international Development.

MGT has also established a number of strategic relationships with leading industrial groups such as 3M-USA, Oil India- INDIA, BOBCAT-UK, Union Texas Gas Limited- Pakistan, ODELL INTERNATIONAL- USA.

        MGT maintains its headquarters in the Al Quiz Industrial Zone in Dubai, U.A.E. with offices in MGT- UK, MGT- Poland, MGT- Djibouti, MGT- Oman, MGT-Tanzania,   MGT- India, MGT- China, MGT- Pakistan ,MGT- Ghana