Using the optimum combination of key drivers, capabilities and services, we have the ability to implement a complete range of customizable solutions for our customers.

Global Program Management

The objective of global program management is to systematically and strategically coordinate the functional groups and tactics within MGT and across the companies within the supply chain, for the purposes of improving the total flow of materials from suppliers to end users.

Global Program Management means:

1. Strategic planning
2. Effective Time Managemnt
3. Anticipation of the next move
4. Weighing the risks
5. Evaluating and knowing the alternatives

Supply Chain Management

The objective of supply chain management is to synchronize the requirements of our customers with the flow of materials from suppliers to achieve a balance between high customer service, low inventory and low unit cost.

The three major areas of a supply chain management are:
1. Supply Chain Strategy and Design
2. Supply Chain Planning
3. Supply Chain Operation

MGT Group maintains its own inhouse freight forwarding clearing agency. MCFC has been serving gulf and International clients for the last 18 years with repeated success.

Direct Client Fulfillment

The MGT Group can implement a customized solution because of our unique integration of all the necessary resources, processes and facilities.

1. Customer Order Cycle
2. Replenishment Cycle
3. Procurement Cycle
4. Manufacturing Cycle


Built-to-order enables our customers demand to be filled directly from production resulting in lower inventory costs and a more efficient supply chain. We have the capabilities to manage these processes on-site.

Mass Customization

This strategy requires having specific processes in place to create the ability to deliver highly customized products at the lowest total costs. The core of mass customization is the ability to increase product variety and customization without increasing costs. The key to mass customization is to standardize early portions of the production process and to postpone the task of differentiation until the last possible point in the supply chain network.
Customers are now demanding highly customized products and services. The niche markets are becoming the markets. Mass customization requires rethinking and integrating:

1. The product design
2. The manufacturing processes
3. The delivery processes
4. The configuration of the entire supply network to deliver products
5. Light manufacturing in distribution centres to support final customization steps.

The benefits of mass customization are:

1. Lower total cost
2. Improved customer satisfaction
3. Competitive advantage
4. Flexibility under changing market conditions
5. Broader product lines
6. Higher quality products
7. Higher profits
8. Avoidance of forecast errors
9. Avoidance of purchasing delays

The positioning of inventory and the location, number and structure of manufacturing and distribution facilities must be designed to provide three capabilities:
1. Flexibility and responsiveness to customized orders
2. Cost-effective delivery of basic product to customization facilities
3. Flexibility and responsiveness to deliver finished goods quickly

For optimum results, mass customization needs to be considered all along the value chain-development, production, marketing and delivery. The MGT Group is uniquely positioned to provide an Optimum Mass Customization Solution thanks to our own supply network and resources. The optimum solution is obtained by concentrating the manufacturing of critical modules at low-cost sites to achieve maximum economies of scale, while combining some light manufacturing in regional distribution centers to support final customization steps.

The MGT group has the capabilities to customize products in our locations to more efficiently deliver the products to specific markets.