MGT Oil Field Division (OFD) was formed  under  MGT GROUP & started out in supplying Casing / Tubing Running Services and sale of drill pipe, heavy-weight drill pipe, drill collars, casing and tubing to major oil companies and drilling contractors and moved into the Down hole Rental and Fishing Services at customer’s requests.

MGT Oil Field Division (OFD) headquarters and base is in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in the Al Quoz Industrial area. The base is well-equipped and manned for casing / tubing running services, down hole rental services and fishing services.

MGT Oil Field Division (OFD) continually seeks to expand it’s sphere of operations geographically by providing a higher quality product and service than is offered by its competitors and also by the acquisition of other companies which can meet THE MGT Oil Field Division (OFD) strategic requirements.

Our Casing / Tubing personnel are highly experienced and have a minimum of ten (10) years supplying their type of service to customer’s. Our highly experienced fishing engineers are utilized on a thirty-five (35) rotational and are highly qualified in all aspects of offshore and onshore fishing and services in hazardous conditions. To ensure that all tools used in our offshore / onshore operations are to the highest standards and are prepared to be used effectively in all aspects of our operations, Tubular Solutions & Drilling Services has invested time and money to have our hard-facing / welding personnel, jars / shock tool redressing personnel and service personnel trained

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